Author: Judy Julian

Judy Julian is a certified teacher with a special education endorsement. Five years experience working with K through 3rd students with multiple disabilities in traditional, hybrid, and virtual classroom environments. Works closely with district’s Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Registered Behavior Technician. Currently completing Orton-Gillingham practicum.

The Energy of the Past and It Was All Mine

NYC Grand Central Station

When I worked in Manhattan in the ’80s and ’90s, the place that gave me the most energy was Grand Central Station. Standing in there, I felt the energy of millions of commuters before me and after me. It was thrilling. It was business. It was life. Grand Central Station was the reason I moved to Manhattan. It beckoned me. Inviting me to live the energy. So I did.

I moved to a great place on the Upper West Side. A brownstone. If you recall the TV show “Laverne and Shirley” and the basement apartment with one window? The one where you would see people’s feet as they walked by? Yeah, that was my place. And oh, how I loved it. Although my parents hated me living in Manhattan, my family and friends refused to visit; I loved it.

At that time, what we now refer to as pre-9/11, Manhattan was so different. It offered such an eclectic mix of people. And in my world, uptown and downtown mixed.

Hello, Join the Journey

Journal and Coffee

Hello! This blog* is brought to you by me, Judy Julian, to cover my new journey. What will you see? Many things! What life is like as a creative freelancer. Professional tips for nonprofits, including building your media impressions, social media good practices, how to best capture donor stories, relationship building, and much more. The ups and downs of animal rescue. And introducing you to movin’ and groovin’ people, sights, and sounds. Enjoy!

*If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice I scrubbed the old content. Yes, a new chapter and new things to say. Starting now!

Increase Year-End Donations

Donate Button

It’s time to pull out all stops to bring in those end-of-calendar-year donations. And if your staff is overloaded or you want a final push for your fundraising efforts, you need me.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

What are you doing about your annual campaign?

  • Maybe you have it scoped out; maybe not. Perhaps it’s sitting on your desk, burning a hole in the top and your stomach. So let me scoop that up. And give it a new spin. Let’s see how many donations we can attract.

How is fundraising going for your charity walk/run?

  • September through November are the most competitive months for walks/runs. So you surely want every last donation coming your way. Because I promoted charity walks for eight years, I can quickly create press releases, calendar listings, donor stories, and more! I can even pitch to the media for you.

How aggressive are your social media channels?

  • Sometimes, sometimes, social media takes a back seat to other pressing projects. I’ve seen it happen firsthand. Your social media presence is important, so don’t let it lag. I can easily provide the content for you and even manage it.

Why Hire Me Now?

  1. I am a seasoned nonprofit professional with 12 years of communications experience, which delivers excellent output under tough deadlines.
  2. Things change quickly in the nonprofit world, and I roll with them – especially this time of year.
  3. I will jump in, assess your situation, and move forward. Let’s make your year-end donations roll in – fast! Contact me today, and let’s chat.