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Increase Year-End Donations

It’s time to pull out all stops to bring in those end-of-calendar-year donations. And if your staff is overloaded or you want a final push for your fundraising efforts, you need me.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

What are you doing about your annual campaign?

  • Maybe you have it scoped out; maybe not. Perhaps it’s sitting on your desk, burning a hole in the top and your stomach. So let me scoop that up. And give it a new spin. Let’s see how many donations we can attract.

How is fundraising going for your charity walk/run?

  • September through November are the most competitive months for walks/runs. So you surely want every last donation coming your way. Because I promoted charity walks for eight years, I can quickly create press releases, calendar listings, donor stories, and more! I can even pitch to the media for you.

How aggressive are your social media channels?

  • Sometimes, sometimes, social media takes a back seat to other pressing projects. I’ve seen it happen firsthand. Your social media presence is important, so don’t let it lag. I can easily provide the content for you and even manage it.

Why Hire Me Now?

  1. I am a seasoned nonprofit professional with 12 years of communications experience, which delivers excellent output under tough deadlines.
  2. Things change quickly in the nonprofit world, and I roll with them – especially this time of year.
  3. I will jump in, assess your situation, and move forward. Let’s make your year-end donations roll in – fast! Contact me today, and let’s chat.

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